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New Hurricane Season is here

AHT comes up with innovative ways to protect homes from storms

Advanced Hurricane Technologies President Jaime Zabala Jr. explains the products that will help many living along the Atlantic coastline gear up for hurricane season.  

Video credit: www.foxweather.com

Advanced Hurricane Technology or AHT started with $600 and a dream, the product of Jaime and Fernanda Zabala who immigrated to Naples, Florida from Ecuador looking for the American dream.


AHT began as a family owned and operated storm protection service provider in 1993 under the name Imagen USA. Since then our family has developed new products that set the standards in the Hurricane Protection Industry.

We are the pioneers of end retention and are leading the industry in hurricane and security protection.

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Our Products & Services

Our Shutter Manufacturing Specialists


Slat and Blade assembly staff perform a 4 point inspection on every shutter roll and accordion stack.


Trained cutting specialists use TigerStop tables to precisely optimize and cut each extrusion.


The box brake station has a crew of 6 technicians operating 6 machines to maximize our coil, housing, and trim output.


The hurricane screen manufacturing department cuts, welds, sews, and assembles every screen in our Ft Myers warehouse.

Box Assembly

Our assembly station expertly combines motors, tubes, end caps, and housings to make a complete finished housing.


Technicians fabricate the tracks by notching, scoring, and drilling based on the custom order.


Our Quality Control Engineers ensure that the product meets the specifications and the highest level of quality.


Our two warehouses boast over 100,000 sqft of indoor storage and manufacturing space.

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We have the longest folder in Florida that can accomodate custom engineering up to 32.5 feet!

Let’s see it in action!


  • Increased bending accuracy and additional free bending space
  • Reduction of processing costs and increased capacity utilisation
  • Higher throughputs and increased capacity
  • Faster bending speeds and more flexibility
  • Better part quality and reduction of costs per bended part
  • Lean manufacturing processes and increased safety
  • Access to new markets and competitive advantages

The TZ long metal folder series is the uniquely built next generation of the proceeding THAKO and ZR models. Uniting centuries of Swiss engineering, this long folder utilizes the time tested and innovated Vertical Force Drive (VFD) design principle, which is second to none.


With the machine stands forming the shape of “rigid C-frames” and its vertical tool alignment, the VFD produces the maximum amount of vertical clamping force. The TZ long metal folder uses the perfect combination of design principles and technology to produce the perfect fold every time for a very long time.

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